Dr Risto Blomster, Archival Researcher

  • music of Finland's Roma
  • sound archives
  • folk music archive materials

Dr Cecilia af Forselles, Head Librarian

  • oral tradition and written culture
  • cultural history of translations of the Kalevala
  • written memory
  • intellectual, scientific and educational history of Europe
  • communications, information society and libraries

Dr Lauri Harvilahti, emeritus

  • epic poetry
  • folkloristic archive research
  • ethnocultural notions of belonging and cultural identities
  • history of folkloristic research

Dr Kai Häggman, Researcher

  • history of publishing; book history
  • family history
  • online research
  • history of business and culture
  • Finland’s cultural elite in the 19th and 20th centuries

Dr Niina Hämäläinen, Researcher

  • Kalevala meter poetry
  • Kalevala and the study of the epic
  • textualization research
  • cultural history of feelings and the family

Dr Irma-Riitta Järvinen, Researcher

  • narrative tradition
  • Karelian folk beliefs and folk religion
  • Kalevala meter poetry

Dr Kati Kallio, Researcher

  • Finnic oral poetry and vernacular beliefs
  • performance, genre and intertextuality
  • emotion, ritual and resilience
  • metrics and music

Dr. Hanna Karhu, researcher

  • literary manuscripts
  • genetic criticism
  • Otto Manninen

Dr Sakari Katajamäki, Managing Editor

  • textual criticism, textual scholarship, scholarly editions
  • Lauri Viita, Aleksis Kivi
  • poetry and theory of poetry
  • literary avant-garde and experimental poetry
  • digital humanities

Dr Kirsi Keravuori, Managing Editor

  • biography and ego-documents
  • letters and epistolary culture
  • 19th century self-taught writers
  • history of the Nordic archipelago and peasant seafaring

Dr Pasi Klemettinen, Archival Researcher

  • folk beliefs and legends (devils and demons)
  • bears and snakes in Finnish folklore

Dr Ossi Kokko, Researcher

  • Finnish dialects, esp. South-Eastern Finnish dialects
  • 19th-century literary Finnish, esp. the language of Aleksis Kivi
  • genetic criticism, esp. textual genetics of Aleksis Kivi’s manuscripts

Maija Koskinen, MA, Researcher

  • History of 20th-century Finnish art
  • contemporary art
  • research on art institutions

Dr Tuomas M. S. Lehtonen, Secretary General

  • relations between oral and written culture
  • medieval history and Latin-language literature
  • historiography of medieval and early modern periods
  • rhetoric and poetics

Dr Kati Mikkola, Researcher

  • nationalism and patriotism from the perspective of the elite and the ordinary people
  • minorities in Finnish folklore
  • secularization and religious change
  • folklore collectors
  • opposition to innovations in 19th-century Finland

Dr Ulla-Maija Peltonen, emerita

  • historical narrative tradition
  • oral history methodology
  • relations between private and public narrative in wartime
  • theory and methods of archive research

Dr Ilona Pikkanen, Project Manager, Researcher

  • 19th-century historical culture
  • synchronic and diachronic comparisons
  • historical fiction
  • history of historiography

Dr Riitta Pohjola-Skarp, Researcher

  • theory of drama (dramaturgy)
  • Finnish and European contemporary drama
  • German drama and theatre
  • Georg Büchner and Heiner Müller
  • Aleksis Kivi’s The Runaways
  • Kivi and Shakespeare

Dr Anna Ripatti, Researcher

  • 19th-century architectural and cultural history
  • history of building conservation and restoration
  • historiography of art history

Jukka Saarinen, MA, Head of Collections

  • Kalevala epic
  • digitized archive materials and databases
  • folkloristic fieldwork

Dr Ville Walta, Project Coordinator, Researcher

  • medieval manuscripts, libraries and literacy
  • medieval charters and archives
  • monasteries
  • the Birgittine order