Dr Ossi Kokko

Ossi Kokko. Kuva: Gary Wornell



E-mail: ossi.kokko[at]finlit.fi

Phone: +358 (0)40 358 0517

Research interests:

  • Finnish dialects, esp. South-Eastern Finnish dialects
  • 19th-century literary Finnish, esp. the language of Aleksis Kivi
  • genetic criticism, esp. textual genetics of Aleksis Kivi’s manuscripts

Ossi Kokko is a researcher for the Finnish Literature Society’s Edith – Critical Editions of Finnish Literature unit, which produces book format and digital scholarly editions of classic works of Finnish literature.

At the moment the Edith unit is preparing critical editions of the works of Aleksis Kivi, and Kokko's main areas of responsibility relate to linguistics and localization of texts. Kokko took part in the preparation of the now complete Nummisuutarit editions (Heath Cobblers; printed book, 2010, e-book 2011), the critical edition of Kivi’s letters (printed book 2012), the critical edition of Kivi’s Kullervo (printed book 2014) and the critical edition of Kivi's three comedies (Betrothal, Leo and Liina, Selma’s Ruses). An online glossary of textual studies terminology (2010) is also among his recent work.

Kokko's academic background is in dialectology, with a special focus on Eastern Finnish dialects and, in particular, Ingrian Finnish dialects. In his doctoral thesis (2007) he explained the disintegration  of the Ingrian Finnish community in the 1990s through the loss of the language. He was also involved in compiling the Finnish phrasebook Suurella sydämellä ihan sikana (With a Big Heart All Too Much; 2010).

At present, Kokko is mainly studying the Finnish of Aleksis Kivi, and he is particularly interested in its diversity of sources (dialects, literary language, Swedish). In addition, he is engaged in a research project dedicated to the present-day dialects of South-East Finland.

Curriculum vitae (in Finnish)